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Learn how to make a boat without any experience!

MyBoatPlans is the best boat building guide for you to learn how to make a boat from scratch

Face it, there are quite a few boat plan providers out there but very few have the experience and track results that MyBoatPlans does. These boats are designed for the first time boat builder. The designs are from Master Boat Builder, Martin Reid who has over 31 years of  boat building experience.

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Here’s what you will get:

  • Easily build boats of any type – choose from over 518 step-by-step plans
  • Gain access to over 40 easy to follow boat construction video tutorials
  • State of the art CAD system to create your own custom blueprints
  • 24/7 online forum support

Do you dream of owning your own boat? Is the boat of your dreams too expensive? Is it impossible to find just the right one?

Over the years, I’ve seen thousands of people build the boat of their dreams. Some have woodworking experience but many have never built anything in their life and yet turn out a boat they are hugely proud of.

wooden boat plans

Here are just some of the boat plans included

  • 34 Sailboats
  • 46 Rowboats, Canoes, and Kayaks
  • 36 Runabout Outboard Boats
  • 12 Paddle Wheel Boats
  • 7 Runabout Inboard Boats
  • 9 Novelty Boats
  • 5 House Boats
  • 12 Cabin Cruiser Boats
  • 19 Hydroplanes

Want Instant Access To High Quality Wooden Boat Plans?

Have you been dreaming of building your own wooden boat?

Would you agree that if the knowledge and skills that have been passed down by generation upon generation and recorded, by the experts themselves, that would be a legacy worth having access to?

Invaluable ancestral insight passed down through the ages, actual insight passed on by hands on professionals whose knowledge goes back to the days when boats were designed to grace the waters as a way of life and a necessity. One of the many skills being left behind.

You have found those perfected plans, offered here. The ancestral knowledge and incite passed down as well as many years of experience by a professional boat builder of our times – you’ll find no other sources of expertise and information in relation to proven boat building plans anywhere on the internet.

Place yourself on a magnificent wooden boat you built yourself, the sun shining warmly, the feel of the water as you glide forward, the spray and smell of the water, the breeze, to be able to congratulate yourself on your achievement as you wave at the observers looking your way, the quiet smile of satisfaction.

Wooden Boat Building

If you are well seasoned, skilled and onto your 5th boat, you have accumulated a boat load of manuals, blue prints, instruction books there is more for you to be found!

Maybe you are new to boat building, not sure you have the “do it yourself” skills? This is for you too, the whole treasure chest – from start to finish!

If you have a dream or a passion these plans will show you exactly how to build your own boat, and inspire you, to get you up and running in days.

Whether it is because your not wanting to spend thousands of hard earned dollars on factory built boats (you don’t have too, it can be done for a fraction of the cost!!) Or you just have a passion to create something yourself, these easy to follow Boat Building Plans are now available to anyone from any walk of life. Good news is it is possible for you to get your boat on the water in no time; it can be done with minimal supplies and costs!!

Finally, you can start turning your dream into reality.

MyBoatPlans are clearly written and illustrated with 518  step-by-step instructions, the basics of boat construction is clearly explained, along with required tools, materials, staying safe while working, as well as much much more. You will find help to choose and build the simple boat of your dreams.


As you can imagine, the craft and knowledge of boat building is continually evolving, with new techniques, new tooling and materials constantly being developed, more cost effective and durable. These boat building plans will interest anyone who wishes to satisfy themselves with a challenge of designing and building their boat with marine plywood. And of coarse other materials that are available on the market.

Keeping up with the economy these plans have been modernized just enough to allow even those with minimal skills and funds to have satisfactory success, as well as being a quicker and easier process, using less parts a boat that is easier to maintain will be constructed.

Are wooden boat building plans what you have been looking for?


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What if I have questions or need help?

Besides excellent designs and great looking boats, MyBoatPlans provides a community of builders that provides support and encouragement while you’re building. You can access the member’s forum anytime for help.

The right information can fulfill your dream of boat ownership

Having the boat of your dreams is within your reach

Having a boat you can truly feel proud of and revel in the fact that you built it with your own hands is priceless. Over the years, I have seen boats built by people who were not sure if they could actually pull it off and who end up building a drop-dead gorgeous boat.

When you build your own boat, sure you can save money, but that’s not the real reason most do it. The pride and satisfaction that comes from taking a set of blueprints and turning them into a beautiful boat that garners stares and comments when you take her out is worth more than money can buy.

Building your own boat is a life changing experience

Many families and lives have been enriched by the experience of building a boat. When I write that it sounds kind of corny, but it’s amazing to me how many people tell me by phone or email what an impact building a boat has had on their lives.

Imagine how it would feel to actually build your own boat. Nothing compares to actually doing it. There is great satisfaction derived from building something with your own hands.

Plus, in this day and age, it’s getting more difficult to find well-built boats and quite expensive as well. Many save 40-50% off the cost of a manufactured boat by building themselves. But, like I mentioned before, that’s not the reason most choose to build.

Boat designs for first time builders

MyBoatPlans designs have been created specifically for the first time boat builder. In fact, most who build our boats have never built one before and many are even new to wood working.

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